It's called Management

Over 15 years of residential homebuilding experience went into these manuals. I wrote them to keep myself focused and on task.

When I first became a home building superintendent, I looked everywhere for a home building manual. I had just gotten out of the Navy, and I had NO construction experience. I wanted to "hit the ground running" with my new employer. I wanted a manual that was written with the following considerations:

  1. Easy to Understand

  2. Non-Technical

  3. Step-by-Step Format

  4. Chronological and Sequential Steps to Building a Home

  5. What to do AND when to do it

  6. What Contractors are Supposed to do

  7. How to set up a Budget, including a thorough list of Budget Items

  8. And Worth the Investment!


I looked everywhere.  What I found in libraries were books written ages ago. There were either business management style books written in a language foreign to me (and with a VERBOSITY that nearly bored me to tears), or "Cutesy" books that were full of nice colored pictures, and men-models with hardhats on, but so GENERAL in nature they were of ZERO use to me. I couldn't find anything.


Many homebuilding manuals focus on actual construction techniques: how to frame a house, wire it, plumb it, install the drywall, and so on. But as a manager, you don't want to actually build the home yourself. You don't have the time or the skills. That's why you hire other people to do the work.

So, I wrote my own Manual!

My Manual is Clean, Concise, and Written in "Make it Happen Format"

You won't find this manual in bookstores or libraries. I want to keep the price low and affordable to the SERIOUS Home Builder. I've cut out ALL middlemen. I print, bind, and mail these manuals myself. I stand behind my work!

"Keeping it Simple"

Something Needs to Happen Every Day if You Want to Finish the Home On Time

Failure to keep the home on schedule will cost you money, aggravate your contractors, upset your lender, make you nervous and anxious, and is NOT GOOD!

Losing time is the same as losing money.  You can't afford it!  The key to successful building is Time Management.  Knowing what to do and when to do it are critical elements in any business endeavor.  These manuals will keep you focused, if you use them.

These Manuals Will "Keep You Focused"

YOU Must Make things Happen!

You must take control.  You must assume that nothing will happen unless you make it happen.   You must set the pace.  You must be on top of things.  You must "WADE IN".  You must "DO SOMETHING" if you see things aren't working out.

Anyway, just a little advice......  

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